Tacolicious – a ‘taco’ training ground

Living in California and avoiding tacos is like avoiding red m&ms – sure, you can do it, but occasionally you accidentally end up eating one anyway. This is how foodienot tried his first taco, and guess what – he’s all about tacos now!

Healthy and customizable Asian Box

Review Asian Box – a healthy, customizable, and delicious food with location popping up throughout Bay Area! A must for foodies and foodienot, find out recommendations for each!

Milagros, a Latin Gem in Redwood City

From the variety of ethnic cuisines me and a foodienot tried so far, we always found Latin cuisine to be the favorite. It’s easy to find dishes for both of us. Latin cuisine can be effortlessly broken into simple components and customized, and I can always find a thing or two to entertain my foodie palate and curiosity.

Oren’s Hummus Shop Brings Israeli Food to the Bay Area

I am sure a lot of people will give you a blank stare when you ask them if they like Israeli food. Foodie or foodienot, don’t feel bad if you don’t know what Israeli food it, just keep reading… I am sure you had an opportunity to try at least a few items from what is traditionally considered Israeli cuisine.

Curry Up Now! Try Indian Fusion Now!

With Curry Up Now, you can forget all you’ve ever known about Indian food, as their creative fusion menu and atmosphere makes Indian food accessible, inviting, fast, and visually very pleasing.

Chef Art’s Homecoming in Disney Springs

Foodie Get that Fried Chicken & Doughnuts, and definitely take a risk with the moonshine cake. Foodienot It’s easy… anything you like on the menu will be simple and delicious. Mac & cheese and pecan pie are a must.       Both can enjoy handcrafted moonshine cocktails. There isn’t a lack of great food options…