Foodienot survival guide to Eat Drink SF, or what was cool!

Everything on the floor – Wagyu beef tartare on taro chip from Roka Akor, summer butternut squash salad from TRACE, Dumpling Time and Dragon Beaux dumplings, Humphry Slocombe exotic ice-cream flavors
Delicious ice-cream sandwiches from Ben & Jerry’s ice cream truck, pretty much anything from Pizzeria Delfina, ravioli from Zingari Ristorante.

Both can enjoy  wine tasting and vie la tartine cream filled doughnuts, provender coffee

This was my first year attending Eat Drink SF, an annual event in San Francisco exhibiting the hottest restaurants, chiefs, breweries and wineries located in the city and surrounding Bay Area.

Of course, I got a ticket for a foodienot and started asking for forgiveness early on for subjecting a foodienot to 3 hours of food tasting, picture taking, cocktails, wine, and food-craze (yes, inflatable donut is a real thing)! But what we discovered is that wine, sake, and whisky tasting makes any event better, or great, and ice cream is never a bad idea! For a foodie, the abundance of talent and restaurants, creativity and effort that chefs put into their dishes definitely left a long lasting impression and reinforced SF as one of the best cities in the US for food.

But generalities and chatter aside, let’s talk concrete items we tasted and what we thought about them! Spoiler alert – most were great for me, and scary for a foodienot.

We started our stroll around Fort Mason’s pavilion very carefully and cautiously, there are so many restaurant, how can we try them all? We have to be selective – so walked around to check out what all exhibitors had to offer. However, we didn’t waste this opportunity to start indulging in wine and cocktails.  While none of the cocktails really impressed me since I am not a huge fan of sugary cocktails, Tenshen wine is always a good idea and Suntory based cocktails were quite refreshing.

Moving on to restaurants, I started a search for foodienot friendly dishes and restaurants.  Zingari Restaurant, serving very traditional Italian cuisine, came to the rescue.  Their ravioli with tomato balsamic sauce were great. Also, Columbus cheeses were spot on (foodienot doesn’t eat pork, but salami and cheese cones were very pretty).  There were a few other attempts, such as butternut squash soup and a dumpling, but the eyes fell on Ben & Jerry’s truck pretty quickly.  A cookie dough ice-cream sandwich was spot on!

Meanwhile, I indulged in crudo, beef tartare, dumplings, tacos, amazing seasonal summer dishes. My favorite discovery was Gragon Beaux dumpling filled with crab meat and an amazing salad from trace’s with hazelnuts, figs and squash.  My sweet tooth was also teased by Humphry Slocomb’s ice cream – the built a mini-sampler cone for me, which looked cute and tasted great.  Bluestem Brasserie was serving hot butterscotch with marshmallow, and a crumble cake. Both are a tad sweet, but the texture was great.

In conclusion – foodienot survived and possibly enjoyed (but no confession was made)! See you again next year, Eat Drink SF!


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