Chef Art’s Homecoming in Disney Springs

Get that Fried Chicken & Doughnuts, and definitely take a risk with the moonshine cake.
It’s easy… anything you like on the menu will be simple and delicious. Mac & cheese and pecan pie are a must.




Both can enjoy handcrafted moonshine cocktails.

There isn’t a lack of great food options in Orlando. However, when it comes to Walt Disney World’s resort area, chains are dominating, serving comfort and familiar food to tired Disney goers.  Non-foodies are very excited for traditional steakhouses, pizza, and burger spohomecoming-insidets, but my foodie self was feeling very discouraged, as I wanted to experience some of Southern Florida hospitality with Southern cuisine.  Discovery of Chef Art Smith’s new restaurant in Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) made my day! I was not familiar with Chef Art’s cuisine, and didn’t realize that he was famous for multiple cookbooks, working with Oprah Winfrey, and appearances in household shows like Iron Chef and Top Chef America.  Chef Art’s Southern cuisine is there to amaze park goers and give them a proper welcome to Florida. The restaurant is: Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming Florida Kitchen. Southern Shine.


Chef Art is famous for his Southern Cuisine.  When we sat down at a table, it was a no brainer what to order, we tried to fit as many Southern dishes as we could into our order! We ordered mac & cheese as an appetizer, fried chicken salad – since fried chicken is a MUST, but we needed to get something healthier after a day of junk food galore in the parks, cheddar biscuits to compensate for a healthy choice of our entree, a chicken and dumpling soup just because the only description for it was “simple and delicious”, and we felt the urge to go all the way and order pecan pie a la mode in the end.  We regretted not getting a moonshine cake, as we saw one being brought over to a table next to us.  Mac and cheese was one of the best I’ve tasted, served in a warm skillet, just right tenderness of the macaroni and delicious gooey cheese sauce.  The fried chicken on the salad made me want to order it as a whole dish, forgetting all those healthy thoughts.  Cheddar biscuits were both crunchy on the outside, and deliciously moist and flaky inside, full with flavor!



The foodienots can come to Homecoming with easy mind and light heart – they are very likely to know and love most of the ingredient that compose Chef Art’s delightfully simple dishes.  All the foodies, myself included, will leave the restaurant at an awe how the simple ingredients were put together to create the big amazing flavor.


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