Gott’s Roadside – a foodie’s guide to a foodienot kinda place

Foodie: kimchee burger and seasonal offerings like watermelon with feta, brussel sprouts, chili corn on the cob, or matcha milkshake

Foodienot: cheeseburger and fries

Both can enjoy vanilla or chocolate milkshake, wine, or beer

If you live in the Bay area and you don’t know Gott’s Roadside, you’ve probably declared a war on burgers, hate eating out, or hiding under a rock.  Either way, I hope you have a good excuse because foodienot and I reached a consensus that Gott’s is the best burger joint in the Bay Area… Keep reading and as soon as you’re done, drive, walk, or fly over to Gott’s! It’s a must!


Gott’s Roadside is a burger joint that gives you more than a good burger! Partnering with local farms and creameries, Gott’s incorporates local and seasonal flavors into an otherwise traditional burger menu. Along with burgers you can order wine, beer, and shakes, making it a great place to hang out.

Gott’s is not hard to find – they have a few locations around the Bay, including St. Helena, Napa, SF, and our favorite, Palo Alto. Most locations have inside and outside seating, so you can enjoy the sun on a warm day,  or hide inside with a cup of warm chili on a chilly afternoon.

Revisiting the same burger joint is a red flag for any foodie, but I have to tell you a little secret – I don’t mind Gott’s because there’s plenty to choose from, and their seasonal menu keeps me intrigued. What other burger joint will serve watermelon with feta, corn on the cob during summer months, and brussel sprouts with a matcha milkshake in the Fall? Yes, that’s right… a matcha milkshake!

In addition to creative seasonal dishes, I have a few favorites on their everyday menu. The one worth mentioning is the kimchee burger, which comes with a fried egg, kimchi, cheese, and spicy

2017-11-25 15.53.34-Edited

gochujang mayo on a toasted egg bun. I usually request my burger in a lettuce wrap (yes, you can do that too!) to save room for a milkshakes and sides. Skipping the burger altogether it not a problem at Gott’s – they serve delicious fish tacos, chili, and a variety of salads, Vietnamese chicken salad is on top of my list. Foodienot’s order is consistent – cheeseburger and fries with an iced tea (usually with no ice)… sigh! But I have to admit, that cheeseburger is damn good, and he may someday graduate to ordering sweet potato fries, which are amazing.2017-07-21-18-40-45-hdr-edited.jpg

As I’m writing this, I’m wondering what specials Gott’s will have for the holidays! Will they have a cranberry turkey burger? Maple glazed carrots? Or an eggnog milkshake? Yuummm… I hope to find out soon and I hope you will check them out as well. Grab your foodie or your foodienot, and head over to Gott’s Roadside.



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