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Have you noticed Asian Box locations popping up all over the Bay Area? Their notable wooden interior, window stickers and logo draw crowds in, and I wanted to join in. From a single location in 2011, Asian Box is quickly turning into a chain charming eaters with authentic ingredients, fresh and healthy options, and variety of choices. Foodienot was skeptical at first, since Asian Cuisine can often mean a complex and frightening set of dishes.  Our experience with Asian food usually ends with chicken teriyaki over rice, or an In-n-Out burger on the way home… and thus we usually stay away from any Asian places.

When Asian Box opened in Burlingame, I knew this was a chance to convince foodienot to give Asian food another try.  I don’t know if it was my persuasive pitch, their welcoming logo or the hip interior, but mission accomplished! We waltzed into Asian Box’s newest location in Burlingame, CA on a warm spring day.

The first thing you’ll notice about Asian Box is their playful and modern logo of a traditional Vietnamese cart, trying to convey the modernization of authentic and traditional Asian dishes. If there is a line, it goes fast… Their friendly staff is happy to help you make a choice, or answer any questions. Yes, foodienot, you can ask what ‘tamarind’ is, and they’ll tell you, no Googling needed. Foodies, don’t be shy either… some of their sauces will have you asking questions and will take you to the edge.

2017-03-21 20.12.42-3

Asian box offers a few chef’s signature boxes, or you can be own “box artist” and follow easy step-by-step instructions. However, don’t expect to get your food right away, the ‘boxers” cook to order to bring the best in their fresh farm to box ingredients.

2017-04-02 18.51.36-2What should you order? Well, foodienot, your fate is in your hands! Start with Jasmine rice with chicken or beef, add some pickled vegetables (or none of the toppings), and sauce it up with tamarind vinaigrette (I promise, it’s simple, just like a salad dressing), and you are good to go!

Now, foodie, it’s your turn.  This is where I made a mistake my first time around by thinking that I should build my own box. While my creation was great, you can’t compare that with the flavors I got by ordering Chef’s Signature Boxes.  

2017-04-02 18.39.40-2Mountain View location offers Surf Vietnam Box with large shrimp, garlic-beef, jasmine rice, crispy shallots, pickled veggies, herbs, lime peanuts, and lime-black pepper dipping sauce. Another impressive box is Caramel Catfish with tender catfish fillet. But if you insist on building your own – don’t shy away from caramel egg and try “Asian Street Dust”.

Asian Box is perfect for a quick meal, offering a variety of options for foodies and some simple ingredients for foodienots to construct their own box.

Hope you’ll enjoy one of their locations!

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