Milagros, a Latin Gem in Redwood City

From the variety of ethnic cuisines me and a foodienot tried so far, we always found Latin cuisine to be the favorite. It’s easy to find dishes for both of us. Latin cuisine can be effortlessly broken into simple components and customized, and I can always find a thing or two to entertain my foodie palate and curiosity. Latin cuisine has a variety of spices and salsas that always bring new flavors in otherwise familiar foods. And, there are always margaritas and tequila shots, which would definitely keep you entertained throughout dinner, if all else fails.milagros_chips_salsa


I want to share with you one of our favorite spots in Redwood City (San Francisco Peninsula) that recently renovated and reopened showing better seating areas, an open kitchen, but still serving amazing food – Milagros Restaurant.  They first opened in 2001, focusing on supporting small organic farms, and delighting diners with diverse Latin flavors and cocktails with cold-pressed juices. The restaurant is divided into three parts – a bar with giant screens showing sporting events, the main dining area, and a very welcoming patio.  My favorite spot is the patio, and they have heaters and blankets ready for chilling Bay Area nights.

Start your meal with warm bucket of chips and a salsa trio, and add traditional guacamole.  For guacamole you can pick the spiciness level since it’s made to order and comes fresh, or you can order pomegranate and lobster guacamole if you are feeling edgy and your foodienot doesn’t mind! After that goodness shows up on your table, you have hit a fork in your dining road.  You have to make a hard decision – you can either order a few small plates to share and a taco, or order one of their special plates.  There is also an option of doing both, but if you do, I hope you have more than two people sharing the meal! The portions are very generous.

fajitasThe foodienot should settle on churrasco skirt steak (with chimichurri on the side, of course) or one of the sizzling skillet fajitas – chicken or steak, or may be both for some foodie credit.  

milagros chopped saladFor a foodie, the selections are very broad. Here are a few of my favorites: avocado toast, ahi tuna tostados, vegetarian chopped salad (both healthy and delicious), and ANY of their tacos. Milagros got their taco game right with perfect marinade and preparation of the proteins, variety of flavorful but not overpowering salsa, and other surprising and well selected condiments.

milagros fish-taco

If you are not convinced, let me take apart their churrasco steak taco to prove my point. Milagors uses a very soft marinated skirt steak, chimichurri salsa, and as a condiment they add marinated red onions and smashed avocado. The results is an explosion of flavor in every bite!  My second favorite is a crispy coconut s
hrimp taco, that brings sea-breeze and sunshine to your table.  This tacos proudly spots coconut crusted shrimps, passionfruit-jalapeno salsa for extra tropical taste with a bit of a spiciness, and, if that’s not enough, it’s topped with cilantro, and salsa fresca. Sold?

milgros-cocktailBut don’t forget the other important part of your meal at Milagros – their cocktails! Choose from
their signature cocktails, which could come in a pitcher, or settle for one of their tropical, tart or spicy cocktails! There is also a selection of wines and beers, or a full bar if you want to order your own cocktail. Sangria, mojito, or Milagros margarita compliment the meal perfectly.  Cheers!

Hope this review got you interested in trying MIlagros, and finding something for a foodienot and letting the foodie fully embrace the flavor of Latin cuisine.

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