About Me

Why foodie|not? 

I want to encourage all of you to taste dishes from all over the world, different cuisines, beautiful looking chef creations, and scary bites from hidden gems… But most importantly, I want you to enjoy… and I’ll point out dishes based on your food adventure-ness and enthusiasm.

My simplified vision of the foodie world – I believe people fall into one of the two categories: “Foodies” or “Foodienots”. 

Are you a foodie? 

  • Is it your life credo to order the scariest dish on the menu? 
  • Do you take pride in knowing how to correctly eat pizza and what jicama is? 
  • When you travel, do you plan your museum visits around the best restaurants? 
  • Can you name at least four dishes for each cuisine of the World? 
  • You bravely walk into restaurants offering chef’s menu only?
  • Your friends rely on you to recommend the best restaurant in town, no matter the occasion?   

Congratulations, you are a foodie! Look for exquisite and delectable selections in my reviews, that will surprise, please, and inspire you for more!

Or are you a foodie-not? 

  • Do you dream you had a steak and mashed potatoes instead of that foie gras with beef tartare that landed in front of you on the table? 
  • Do you have a rule that you don’t order a dish if it has more than one ingredient you haven’t tasted? 
  • Is cheese omelette your favorite brunch dish?
  • The list of foods you’ll never try is longer than the list of foods you deemed safe?
  • You can’t come to terms that ketchup sandwiches are not an acceptable meal followed by a delicious dessert of PB&J sandwich? 

You are a foodienot! There is delightfulness in pure and simple recipes, and I have recommendations for you! 

Why would you read my reviews? 

And this is me and my foodienot!

I have years of experience! See that guys holding my hand? That’s my husband, my friend, and my dinner partner! The problem is, you guessed it, he is a traditionalist! 

The most exciting thing he tried? I’ll keep that a secret, you can ask him if you see him on the street! 

I spend hours researching restaurant that will interest my tastes and leave me longing for more, and will serve him a great tasting dish that excludes some of the common household ingredients, banned from his plate.

And off we go! I hope you read, foodie|not!   

I love to meet new people, chat about food, photography, and travel! Would love to meet you!

Send me a note! foodienot@gmail.com