Rise Pizzeria – a Burlingame Newcomer

Medjool date and chevre white pies, and selections from antipasti bar
Tomato pie, add any ingredients acceptable, and enjoy! House made meatballs could be a great option for a shareable appetizer.




Both can enjoy Beer bar, house lemonate, desserts (they had giant browny cookies one of the days), organic soft-serve icecream

Rise Pizzeria
has risen in downtown Burlingame right across the street from a well-known San Francisco staple – pizzeria Delfina.  Rise proudly accepted a challenge to create competition for Delfina, and we proudly accepted the challenge to change our ways and try the newcomer.  Compared to Delfina, Rise is not a full sit down restaurant, but rather a fast casual concept, where you order at the counter, sit down, and they bring food out to your table. The menu is very similar to Delfina’s and offers a few appetizers, a couple of salad options, and an array of pizzas.

risepizzeria-ovenThe space is very appealing with an open fireplace in the middle of a large patio, a floor-to-ceiling stack of chopped firewood, rustic-wooden interior, and, of course, the centerpiece of the space and the queen of the show – the pizza oven. This pizza oven caught my eye right away, and it was not in vain! It was artisanally made in Naples, Italy and traveled across the Globe before finding it’s righteous and, hopefully, permanent spot in this new Burlingame space. The Stunning Post has pictures on how this 500lbs beauty made it’s way into the space, if you are curious.  While the space is definitely remarkable and welcoming, and I can write more about little embellishing details – from aprons to water glasses, I would serve you much better with describing dishes to spark foodies’ imagination and to comfort foodienots.

The menu has a few categories, including starters, burrata, salads, and pies coming from the woodfired oven I praised above. You can see most of the ingredients used on the pies in their open kitchen, as well as a pizza maker spinning the dough, and a selection of antipasti salads. Every time we were there, one of the waiters would be grating parmesan cheese used on pizza and salads. Rise always has the hand-grated pile of parmesan cheese, which is fresh and fluffy! You can order one of the pies, and add or remove any ingredients to your li
king.  If you ever had a meal with foodienot, it’s pretty easy to guess what our pizza was! We ordered a tomato pie (aka margherita) and took a risky step of adding beef sausage on it. The second time we ventured into the land of unknown and ordered Buffalo Mozzarella pizza…
But to give you an idea and tickle your imagination, other selections included medjool date + chevre (goat cheese) white pie, calbrese (spicy salami) + honey red pie, and wood-fired mixed mushroom (funghi) white pie. The mushroom pizza looked and smelled amazing at the table next to us, I secretly hoped to steal a slice, but the opportunity never arrived!

Enter a caption


To stay a bit healthier and to add some greens to our pizza, we went for little gem salad with fresh thinly sliced delicata squash, fresh-grated parmesan cheese, and crispy leaves of romaine. I usually ask for my dressing on the side, since a lot of the time they are over-salted, or too fatty, but cream tarragon dressing was just spot on for this gem of a salad (if you’ll forgive the pun).


risepizzeria-bakedmeatballsBaked beef meatball appetizer is also quite good, the tomato sauce and cheese emphasized the hearty beef flavor.  

Rise Pizzeria also serves wine and a fairly large selection of beers on tap, a selection of home-made lemonades, and assortment of san pellegrino sparkling drinks (read Aranciata).

Conclusion – a VERY foodienot friendly place, with a lot of options for foodies.  I can’t wait to come back and explore more, and I hope you do too!

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