Pizza Revolution or Why Wait for Vesta?

Knock yourself out with creative small plates. Mushroom Toast and Cauliflower are not to be missed!
Order one of the red pies, try Buffalo Mozzarella Basil or Margherita.

Both can enjoy divine Affogato made with Lush Gelato and Four Barrel espresso.

We are in the middle of a pizza revolution! Let’s get outside and eat it!

Well, at least that’s how I see the new emerging trend of gourmet pizzas…  I am thinking back to 10 years ago, when pizza meant a guy in a baseball hat and shorts dusted with flour at your doorstep making a delivery.  Pizza was one of the most common foods for college parties, Monday night football, association meetings, and sleepovers. You get your giant box of melted cheese goodness and the room fills with oh-so-familiar pizza smell… and 15 minutes later you are in a food coma.  Check! 2016-07-22-20-26-04

Last time I had pizza, I waited for over 1 hour – and it was during an off-hour…  What happened to that 30 minutes or your pizza is free promise? My destination this time lied in the middle of Redwood City in California – a small restaurant called Vesta. And I am a repeat offender here… why you ask? Because they serve amazingly good pizza and a variety of small plates, fit to tease my foodie palate and awe with simplicity any foodienot.

Vesta is serving wood-fire prepared pizza, which is very similar to traditional Neapolitan pizzas, but not as ‘soupy’ and the crust is a little 2016-06-24-21-36-36-1harder, so you actually eat it with your hands without too much effort. Their pizzas come in “red pies” or “white pies”, differentiated by – you guessed it – presence of the red sauce.  While trying white pie is definitely on my foodie agenda, I usually surrender to a slight twist on a traditional Margherita – a Basil Burrata pizza proudly surfacing the freshest burrata cheese!

While Vesta is known for their pizza, it’s not why I come there! The two dishes that have me coming back – and trust me, I rarely offer the same dish twice – are their mushroom toast and cauliflower dish.


On that note, a little ode to Vesta’s cauliflower: it’s not overcooked, it’s not burnt, it masterfully mixed with toasted almonds, currants, and other spices. While hiding on a small plate menu, but actually a measurable portion to share as a

n appetizer… or can be a pretty filling lunch dish.  I can devour the entire dish, not noticing that food traditionalists didn’t even take a bite.  I combination of honey, currants and almond with cauliflower can be a overwhelming for a non-foodie.

What to share your experience?

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