Mac Daddy of Potrero Hill – Mac & Cheese Heaven

Pesto mac & cheese, and try your creative hand at mixing in all the ingredients!
The classic mac & cheese




Both can enjoy Great looking pies! I want to come back just to taste a slice of the pie they had on display… but it’s so hard to leave room for dessert after those macs!

Nothing screams comfort food like Mac & Cheese! There is the boxed do-it-yourself-in-two-minutes version, there is your mom’s mac & cheese, there is mac & cheese if you favorite diner, and… there is a gourmet mac & cheese. A new tiny shop in Potrero Hill made me rediscover what mac & cheese is all about with over a dozen options to get your mac & cheese game on.

Browsing for a good lunch option in Potrero, we accidentally stumbled upon a very neat looking, down-to-earth spot, with diner style open grill and kitchen area, some seats at the bar, and a few tiny tables inside.  Mac Daddy is the name, delicious mac & cheese is on the menu, friendly staff is there to feed us!2016-05-14-17-13-23-1

The menu surprised me with abundant creative variations on the American staple food – pesto, goat, blue, truffled, and, of course, the classic. I have never had harder time picking my mac & cheese, and I was so happy when we got some advice from our waiter, who is super informed and definitely excited to serve and help.

We settled on pesto mac & cheese, thinking that it’s green and green is healthy, right?  Macaroni was cooked just right, the sauce was creamy and seasoned with amazing herbs, and just the right amount of baking and cheese to complete the dish! And if you are want to try your culinary creativity – you can add from a variety of vegetables and meats, and create your own mac & cheese masterpiece.

2016-05-14-17-14-30But the spot of not just about the creamy carbs – there are options for healthy eaters as well – they have a variety of salad. We order a Cobb salad, and all the fresh ingredients made it a great addition to mac & cheese.


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